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What’s Your Submissive Style?

Empress Jenna discusses the psychological elements of submission and self awareness. . . . → Read More: What’s Your Submissive Style?

Mistress’s Birthday Celebration

Empress Jenna gets spoiled on her birthday by her subbie! . . . → Read More: Mistress’s Birthday Celebration

December Mistress Musing

Empress Jenna wishes her minions a Merry Christmas! . . . → Read More: December Mistress Musing

November Mistress Musing

Empress Jenna discusses her thoughts on sexuality as a form of communication and how that relates to the D/s lifestyle. . . . → Read More: November Mistress Musing

Submissive Substance: Do You Got the Grapes?

Pleasing Mistress

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Some people value appearances…..others value money in addition to the former. I see those things as transient & fleeting like everything else in life. So what is it that I really enjoy? It pleases Mistress to experience connection. I enjoy getting to know people . . . → Read More: Submissive Substance: Do You Got the Grapes?