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Kinky Questions of Self Inquiry

If you’re anything like Me, you’re constantly questioning why things are the way they are; governments, cultures, galaxies and especially people.  Awhile back I had someone ask Me why they were into what they’re into.  Having only the current conversation to go on naturally this Mistress didn’t know fuck all about how or why . . . → Read More: Kinky Questions of Self Inquiry

Fem Dom Phenomenon

Naughty boys beware

I’ve been dominating needy sissies, breaking studs down, and keeping cuckolds in line for quite some time now. I feel I’m adept at analyzing the false machismo of beta bitches and crushing their delusion under my stiletto of truth.

So, I’m offering my services to all  out there with those pesky . . . → Read More: Fem Dom Phenomenon

Spanking in the Fem dom New Year

Empress Jenna makes resolutions for the New Year! . . . → Read More: Spanking in the Fem dom New Year

Fem Dom Chess Game

Jenna lays the smack down (literally) on an intellectual jerk. . . . → Read More: Fem Dom Chess Game

Erotic Slavehood

Princess Jenna writes about her experiences with having a slave. . . . → Read More: Erotic Slavehood