Cuckold Reunion

If you missed the first installations please click here to read!!!  On the day of the big reunion Sir messaged Matt through Facebook relentlessly. Every time messenger dinged he felt a surge of anxiety rip through his body. Matt checked his messages and Dylan would say things like “can’t wait to meet your wife,” “what is she wearing for me,” “it will be just like back in the day,” and “your wife is going to love me.” Matt’s mind was fretful, he didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to be a cuckold to Dylan again. He knew if he didn’t show up that Dylan would find him and he reasoned that that might be even worse. The images and memories of the past were infiltrating his mind as he tried to relax himself and get ready. His wife Emily looked so beautiful in her red sun dress. Matt admired how beautiful his wife’s long black shiny hair cascaded down her back like an ebony water fall. She turned around and smiled at him and he nervously smiled back. “You ok?,” she asked. “Yeah hon,” he responded his anxious mind elsewhere.

Cuckold Flashback

Matt took deep breaths and showed up at the reunion. Many people recognized him instantly and came over to say hello to him and his wife to catch up. When Dylan walked in all eyes were on him. The 6ft 5 jock hadn’t changed a bit and all of his former fawners in high school were there to oogle the former Mr. Popularity. Matt watched as the same scenes played out right in front of him from the past. Dylan and his former cabal back in the day stood in a group laughing. Matt grabbed Emily and tried to head off somewhere unseen.

The Bull’s Preference

Then he heard someone yelling “hey look, its the little smokey”!!!! Matt’s heartbeat quickened and he tried to pretend like he didn’t hear. Dylan’s former henchman, Tyler ran quickly over to Matt. He definitely had one too many of something and he ran over to Matt. “Hey Dylan, look its the little man on campus,” he laughed. Everyone looked Matt’s way and laughed. Dylan came over to Matt and put his arm around him while eyeing his wife. “Well if it isn’t the little biscuit,” he said through a smirking mouth. Matt froze like a prey animal being hunted. The music was pounding over loud speakers and Dylan grabbed Emily’s hand and took her to dance with him.

Beta’s Finish Last

Emily played along, but as Matt watched he could see her eyes sparkle when her tiny 5ft 2inch frame was pressed against Dylan’s towering muscle. They had a huge graduating class and  there were lots of people dancing. Matt couldn’t see Emily’s pretty red dress anymore, he’s lost her in the crowd. He heard the dreaded ding on his phone and he looked. “Meet us at YOUR hotel room”. …that was the message from Dylan and Matt’s heart stopped. As he pushed through the crowd of his former classmates, Tyler exclaimed in drunkenese “Looks like Dylan took your woman biscuit,” just like old times!!” Matt rushed back to the hotel room and when he arrived the door was ajar. He entered the room and he saw Emily kissing Dylan. “Pull up a chair biscuit, I’m gonna give your wife what you never could,” Dylan taunted. Matt tried to beg and plead with Emily not to, but he saw the look of desire in her eyes and felt just as defeated as he did on prom night when Dylan had taken his girl senior year. Dylan could get any woman he wanted and tonight he stole Matt’s wife away. Emily giggled and put her arms around Sir. She looked over at Matt and she said “I didn’t know you were sucha loser back then Matt, omg!, she exclaimed. Dylan and Emily continued making out and Emily was rubbing Sir’s dick. Dylan whispered something in her ear. “Get over here,” she commanded. Matt listened almost as if in some day dream or nightmare he couldn’t resist. He walked over and Dylan pushed him to the ground with his big cock in Matt’s face. “Beg to suck it, bitch!,” his deep voice bellowed. Matt resisted and Sir grabbed him and thrust his prick into Matt’s mouth. Matt was so humiliated and degraded at that point he could hardly move. Dylan fucked Matt’s face until he had tears in his eyes. “Now beg me to fuck your wife, biscuit!!!” Sir commanded. Matt could barely talk after being throat fucked; he croaked out the command looking at the floor. Dylan took Emily into his arms and began to kiss her. He told Matt to undress his wife and present her to him. Matt blindly followed as if his will had been arrested by some unseen force he couldn’t resist. He’d never seen Emily like this. She was normally very shy around sex, but to his chagrin she was not shy around Sir.

She’s a Hotwife Now

Emily was naked and Dylan’s hands were all over her. Matt’s little pathetic cock was rock hard which was even more humiliating. They had set up a chair and there was pink sticky note on it reading “bitch chair”. He sat there watching Dylan caressing his wife and Emily just loved it. Matt watched in disbelief as Emily’s petite frame mounted Dylan’s huge dick. He couldn’t believe that she could take it because she only ever had him and his tiny dick. Matt heard his wife make noises she never had before. Matt couldn’t help it he started stroking his tiny cock. “Oh no biscuit,” Dylan commanded “you wait bitch.” Matt listened and watched their fucking motionless with a reddened face. He sat there for what seemed like an eternity while Sir railed Emily like a fuck doll. Sir came in her multiple times and after the third time Dylan motioned Matt onto the bed. “Put your little dick in her, ” Sir commanded. Matt couldn’t help himself his little cock was standing straight up and he got on top of Emily and slid it in. She was so wet, her pussy had been stretched and he knew Sir had ruined her for Matt’s tiny prick. He came in 30 seconds and Emily laughed at him. Dylan whispered in her ear and Emily said “Lick it up, bitch.” Matt buried his face in his wife’s cum filled pussy and Sir looked down at him and said “She’s mine now.” Matt lapped up the remains of Sir’s load and his sloppy seconds humiliated, defeated, and degraded. He knew that nothing would ever be the same after that and shook imagining what the future would hold for him. Poor little bullied beta biscuit; I wonder what Sir will have him do next?