If you read My previous post…which I’m sure you have  *wink*wink* we’re discussing the benefits of chastity training.  Some of the things you can expect on your first run in denial is the first day or two you’re going to go through a type of masturbatory withdrawal.  Why? Because you’ve biologically conditioned yourself to need/want and require onninism (that’s a big word for jerkin’ it, don’t I sound so smart?).  As with any addictive behavior it takes time to loosen that grip and take the hook out so to speak. After a few days you can shift your focus on the things mentioned in the previous blog such as improving yourself and becoming a better submissive male for your Mistress and/or Dominant woman in your life.  You’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve once She has control over your once favorite joy toy.  Chastity training also is a strange kind of intimacy; it is as if that Mistress has her pretty hand wrapped around you at all times…….so it is as if She’s there keeping you in line and directing you to be a better subbie and ultimately a better man.