Cuckold Dreams

George was your typical married guy, but he had some cuckold kinks floating around in the bean that he was hesitant to talk to his wife about. The thought of her being with another man thrilled him to the core, but also scared the shit out of him too because of the humiliation of it all. He would spend a lot of time watching cuckold porn and imagining his loving wife being fully satisfied sexually. You see, Georgey Porgey puddin’ pie had a small dicklet under his fly and the wife was definitely NOT happy with his tiny penis. He was painfully aware of that. Georgey’s small cock caused him a lot of humiliation; he’d look down at what looked like a little retracted uncut turtle head and sigh knowing full well that his wife was dreaming of bigger and better cocks. Well as it turns out there was a bigger and better cock awaiting wifey right under their noses. It just so happened to be Georgey’s best buddy. He knew his friend had a much bigger dick than he did and he also intuited that his buddy thought his wife was hot. George would often catch him stealing glances at her luscious ass and tits and he knew intuitively that if given a chance, his buddy would love to fuck his wife. It was quite the conundrum. How would he bring it up to his wife? How would he orchestrate it so his buddy would be the “lucky guy” that got to give his wife the deep dicking she really needed? George thought about this for awhile and decided to first bring it up to his wife. He was terrified that if he outed himself as a cuckold that she would tell family and friends about it; he’d be utterly humiliated and ruined. Horniness trumped sensibility in this situation and he finally broke down and talked to her about his fantasies.

Cuckold Fantasies Realized

Georgey decided to take his wife out to dinner. Maybe a nice meal and a few glasses of wine would help to loosen him up. She got dressed up in a beautiful, sexy, short black dress and heels. She looked stunning, but all George could think about was seeing her dress and lingerie crumpled on the floor while she was getting plowed by his best friend Jake. He even imagined himself undressing her for him and sitting in his “cuckold chair” at the foot of the bed to watch what he fantasized would be their passionate fucking. After a few drinks and some painful small talk George finally got the cojones to bring it up.  His wife responded with a slightly coquettish giggle and said that she would think about it. George’s heart sunk because he hated being in limbo. He wanted to know if she was into it NOW. After a few weeks and some slight humiliation and teasing from his wife,, she finally said she would try it. Now how would he get Jake in on the action? They had been friends a long time and he decided to bring it up when his buddy was over for a visit. Jake was a bit exasperated to say the least, but he did admit sheepishly that he thought Georgey’s wife was hot and jerked off thinking about her quite a bit.  George was so excited about the prospect of watching his best friend fuck his wife that he almost came. His mind raced about all the possibilities. Would he get to watch or just listen. Would she want him to participate and if so would his wife want him to be a *gulp* full service cuckold?  I guess you’ll have to find out in My next blog what happens!! (stay tuned 😉