Today was nice and warm …..finally! I just got a pedicure and decided to wear My flip flops.  I have a hard time sitting still and I often play with My flip flops….dipping and dangling them. I absolutely LOVE to wear toe rings when the weather gets warm and I had on a shiny silver toe ring on My second toe. As I was playing with My flip flop I noticed a foot fetish dork checking out My toes.  I wiggled them while meeting his gaze and smirking.  His face reddened and I asked him if he liked My lovely Easter pink pedicure?  He could barely talk as he squeaked out a sheepish affirmative.  I toyed with him and dangled My flip flop watching him trying in vain to resist his hardcore foot fetish.  I laughed at him every time I’d wiggle My toes and he squirmed around his seat.  I just love toe suckers! I think I just found someone to give Me some good foot rubs in the future, time will tell.