The Biggest Sexual Organ

I’m a sapiosexual. There I said it. Whew, I feel so much better being loud and proud and out of the intellectual kink closet. So what is sapiosexuality exactly and why do sapiosexuality and kink kinda go together like peanut butter and jelly? According to Web MD  Sapiosexuality means that a person is sexually attracted to highly intelligent people, so much so that they consider it to be the most important trait in a partner. The most attractive sexual organ is not only the biological markers of hotness or being well endowed; it also resides in large part between the ears. As one of My submissive astutely said “It is all between the ears.” As a seasoned Mistress My experience has 100% matched up with that statement. Because let’s face it our neurochemicals, axons , dendrites and synapses are responsible for all those sexual responses. I think that’s why some sapiosexuals are drawn to phonesex because it is an erotic mental practice of co-creating a scenario and playing it out all in your mind. It is also a safe anonymous way to explore your kinky fantasies without judgment……unless you’re a humiliation whore ofcourse;).

Atypical Sexuality

How does sapiosexuality play out in the kink realm? I cannot speak for other people who have this kink, but only for Myself. I rather enjoy pairing intellectual activities with kink and sex. One time I read Immanuel Kant’s  Critique of Pure Reason while sitting on My submissive’s face and asked him questions about it. He has a Phd in philosophy so it was fun to put him in that predicament. The funny part is that highly intellectual people that are stuck in their analytical minds achieve sub space rather quickly when irrational sexuality is literally right their face. I love it. It was so much fun to fluster him and make him switch back and fourth between the rational thinking mind and the more intuitive feeling space. Many intellectuals have difficulty switching off the analytical mind. I think that is why the trope that intelligent people are usually unhappy exists. I do not think that it is the case that intelligence alone is the reason this is a problem….it is the constant analysis without rest that can cause this. Those on the autistic spectrum suffer a great deal from this analysis paralysis malady and kink is a welcome respite from this tendency. I attract and enjoy this type of submissive in part because I have a touch of the tism Myself. It is one of My Fem dom super powers.

Autism, Kink & the Sapiosexual

I don’t think it is surprising that people on the spectrum are drawn to kink for the aforementioned reasons. The mind can either be a great companion or your worst enemy depending on how you train it. One of My autistic subs has a mad foot fetish and I enjoy just shoving My feet in his face when he’s info dumping or stuck in an autistic fixation. I really love watching all the stress and strain of that over active analytical mind melt away. He tells Me that spending time with Me is like getting a mental, emotional, and physical massage. I helped him write his thesis both as a research assistant and fun Fem dom distraction ;). So I am curious who are My fellow puzzle piece kindreds out there? If you’re on the spectrum how do you feel that influences your kinks and sexuality? Feel free to comment or reach out to Me via email, I’d love to hear about your particular experiences as an Autistic person or otherwise. Looking forward to talking with you about it!