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Chastity and Foot Worship

He was well behaved and often laid his head on My lap aching for a touch or hint of attention from Me  I occasionally stroked his hair and back and he sighed contentedly.  Sometimes I’d feel compelled to grab him by the collar and pull him down by My feet where he would lick . . . → Read More: Chastity and Foot Worship

The Hesitant Foot Slave

Foot Worship

I love having My feet rubbed, kissed, sucked and worshiped like the regal pair of peds that they are.  So naturally I seek out situations where I can test My sub’s meddle and see what he’s willing to do to make Me happy.  This last week subbie was chauffeuring Me around and . . . → Read More: The Hesitant Foot Slave

The Jack of All Submissives

So what is a Jack-of-all-subs exactly?  In My opinion he’s the ultimate  real man.   Yes you heard that right.; a real man.  He’s the guy that can fix your car while wearing a pair of panties I picked out for him… preferably My undies because it turns Me on to know he is . . . → Read More: The Jack of All Submissives