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A Fem dom Christmas

This holiday season I would like to spread warmth and good cheer by offering My lovely man minions an opportunity to win 30 free minutes with yours truly.   Over the years I’ve often been really grateful for the wonderful people I’ve met and gotten to know as time passed and trust grew.  So what do you have to do exactly?  Well that is easy.  I want to hear what your ideal Fem dom fantasy is  in 150-600 words max, submitted no later than mid night December 21st.  You can send them to as a word attachment or cut and paste the text into the email— which ever is more convenient.  I would like to share those submissions via My blog unless they are just too personal and you would rather not have them read by other eyes except Mine. Please make that explicit when you submit your stories if you don’t wish for them to be shared on My blog.  I’m looking forward to exploring the landscapes of your Fem dom fantasies and giving you a gift in return.  Thank you in advance for sharing your creativity and time with Me and I hope that Mistress can make Christmas a little more special for you this year!!

Two Mistress Fun with Ms. Rachel

We had a lovely 15 year anniversary celebration in 2017 and I enjoyed all the wonderful clients I got to chat with this time!  One particularly fun call I had was a lovely feminization fantasy with Ms. Rachel!  As you know she is My absolute favorite partner in crime on two Mistress calls.  We had . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Fun with Ms. Rachel

Metronome Guided Masturbation

Who thought a little device like this would make guided masturbation so much fun!!  I  had a great call with one of My man minions where I controlled his stroke cadence…..for hours.  I delighted in speeding up the pace and slowing it down to a crawl.  Edging him over and over again until he . . . → Read More: Metronome Guided Masturbation

Fem Dom MMA Beatdown 5

Here is the continuation of the next sexy story!

Off they all go leaving me there like a dog. No one pays any attention to me the rest of the night as I watch Jenna and her girlfriends party and laugh and comment as they watch the fight on their cell phones over and over again.  Finally the girls . . . → Read More: Fem Dom MMA Beatdown 5

Fem Dom Beatdown 4

I know you’ve been eagerly awaiting part 4 of this sexy story!  Here it is!

As the applause dies down Jenna grabs me by the ear and marches  me over to an area of the lawn by the house. She  has me kneel and attaches a dog collar around my neck.

The collar is attached to . . . → Read More: Fem Dom Beatdown 4