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Guided Masturbation JOI

Being told what to do takes the stress out of things for some people.  In fact some of most stressed  seemingly “got their shit  together” types love being told what to do for this very reason.  Why not kick back, relax and have some guided masturbation fun with Me?  I like to throw out different techniques to make your old toy seem fun again *giggle*.  The same old one two stroke method may work, but c’mon……..put a little play into your handy j.  Get some jerk off guidance while you take things into your own hands. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Being able to let go is part of the relaxation process and sometimes putting your self in somebody else’s hands is the best way to do that.  I mean we will technically be using your hands, but I’ll be telling you how to use them.  This is the happy ending you can give yourself and who doesn’t like happy endings?


CBT The Pleasure of Pain

I always giggle when I kick a guy in the nuts.   I can’t help it.  It never gets old and it is funny each and every time.  Maybe that should’ve been a clue that I was a Fem Domme. Why do I like it so much?  Are you a sadist?  It makes sense that . . . → Read More: CBT The Pleasure of Pain

Fem dom Foot Worship

They say that some butterflies taste with their feet.  I say I can feel intentions with Mine.  Nothing is better than having a loving submissive worshiping My feet with that look of bliss on his face.  His tongue gliding over the smoothness of  My toes while he groans in ecstasy and sexual torment; it . . . → Read More: Fem dom Foot Worship

Sissies and Panties

Oh the pink and frilly panties that make many a sissy weak and wet over them.  You naughty little bitches just can’t get enough, can you?  Most sissies have itty bitty clitties and this is partially why psychologically they crave being in panties because they know that they could never satisfy a woman.  I . . . → Read More: Sissies and Panties

Chastity and Foot Worship

He was well behaved and often laid his head on My lap aching for a touch or hint of attention from Me  I occasionally stroked his hair and back and he sighed contentedly.  Sometimes I’d feel compelled to grab him by the collar and pull him down by My feet where he would lick . . . → Read More: Chastity and Foot Worship