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Tell Me Your Sexy Stories

Mistress loves Erotic Stories

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So you’ve gotten a little taste of some of My man minions sexy stories.  I think it is interesting to hear different candid sexual experiences and also creative fantasies. One of My favorite genres of prose are erotic experiences of how a man accepted his submissive side.  I find that irresistible.

What is your sexy story?

We all have them.  What was it like the first time you submitted to a woman or even a man?  I’d love to hear about all your kinky candid adventures real or imagined.  It is always fun for Me to take a walk in someone’s mind by listening to their experiences or fantasies.  Besides all you nerdy guys can imagine you’re doing homework for that hot college girl you could never get. So dig deep into the kinky recesses of your imagination or share something with Me that actually happened.  You can send your sexy stories to and I would like them to be preferably about 250 words long or more :).  If I like what I read enough I might give you a special surprise ;)!!

Share Your Sexy Stories with Me!!!




Male Submissive Memoir 3

From Stud to Pounding His Pud

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I know you’ve been waiting the conclusion of Two Pump Chump’s story, here it it is wankers!!!


“Ok,” she said, “Go ahead.”

“What?” I asked.  Her hands, not moving, were still wrapped around my cock. Then she leans in . . . → Read More: Male Submissive Memoir 3

A Male Submissive Memoir 2

From Psuedo Stud to Submissive

Here is the 2nd installment ….enjoy!

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Wendy and I were making out in the living room when I steered things to the bedroom.  She averted her eyes and told me to go in there  , get naked and wait for her just a minute.  I . . . → Read More: A Male Submissive Memoir 2

A Male Submissive’s Memoir

From Stud to Submissive

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The following is a personal account from one of My man minions we’ll call “Two Pump Chump”.  It’ll be a three blog installation as it is quite juicy, teasing and detailed.  Thanks Two Pump chump for using your hands to type instead . . . → Read More: A Male Submissive’s Memoir

Closet Cuckold Slut

It’s the Cuck that wants to Fuck

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So I had this call this week with this guy who was in serious denial.  He had the effeminate voice of half a fag….probably in the closet……you know the type.  So he tells Me he wants Me to be . . . → Read More: Closet Cuckold Slut