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A Good Cock Tease is Hard to Cum By

What is it about a cock tease that is so alluring?  Well several things, but in My opinion the main thing is really that it is an art.  As with all arts it takes poise, practice, and innate creativity.  Everyone knows an exquisite build up is part of the journey and should be almost exhilarating as the final destination.  A delicious cock tease is something that lingers in the recesses of your mind long after its over.  I make My subbie wear My panties when he’s on business trips without a chastity device just to torment him.  I’ll even allow him the privilege of wearing a nightie with My perfume on it so he can drift off to dream land with Goddess in mind.  Cock teasing isn’t just about the physical aspect of leading someone on, it is also about the masterful mind fuck that goes into captivating the person’s consciousness and hard on so that all they can think about or want to think about is you.  Can you handle a good cock tease? 😉


Orgasm Ruination Masturbation

I’m sure some of you have done this …..maybe even by accident.   You edged a few times….maybe more than you should of and that most precious release fizzled out into a ruined orgasm.  I personally like to test a submissive man’s mettle by taking away one of the most physically pleasurable sensations he . . . → Read More: Orgasm Ruination Masturbation

Cocksocker’s Confessional

Well Neil Bob is up to his cocksucking faggoty high jinx again.  We always have such a gay ole time talking about how he’s really found out that there is indeed no place like homo!  He confessed to Me that he recently locked eyes with a golden haired twink at the pharmacy which ended . . . → Read More: Cocksocker’s Confessional

Isn’t it Good to Be Queened?

This week has been rather stimulating with My subbie in town.  He gave Me a really amazing gift.  A  custom made queening chair.  I had made a comment that I felt I deserved a more fitting throne for when I sat on his face.  He took what I said to heart  and also stole . . . → Read More: Isn’t it Good to Be Queened?

Sensual Domination

I’ve had men say things to Me like  “oh you’re evil” or “you’re so sweet”.  I joke around and say that guys want a good bad girl or a bad good girl…….either way makes for an interesting encounter, eh?  I think what makes sensual domination so appealing is they free both the man and . . . → Read More: Sensual Domination