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Humiliated and Beat Down 2

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His poor gf was mortified-she was blushing beet red watching him get humiliated and rolled her eyes every time the girl landed a flurry of punches. The gf seemed to know he couldn’t fight and kept urging him to quit and “stop this and let’s just go!” He was getting more pissed by the minute that this skinny party girl was getting the best of him. He kept trying to grab her to wrestle her but she would break free-the muscleman was getting pretty winded when he went to grab her and missed-he was off balance and she connected on the point of his chin. It didn’t seem like a particularly hard punch,but the big man got a glassy look in his eyes and pitched forward on the grass,then rolled over on his back moaning softly-she looked surprised she had TKO’d him and raised her arms in victory as the crowd roared with approval.


The gf was scrambling around by the bar looking for water as the big man kind of got on all 4’s trying to get up-the slim hippy chick was standing by the big man-his biceps were as big as her thighs-he was starting to come back to normal although she marked his face up pretty good with cuts-he had a fat lip and I’m sure 2 shiners the next day.

All of a sudden hippie chick goes behind him and puts one hand on his waistband of his shorts and her other hand up by her ear,like she’s trying to hear something. He’s still on all 4’s,she’s smiling ear to ear and the crowd’s chanting “OFF,OFF,OFF !!” That’s all she needed to hear and with a quick swipe yanked his shorts off-muscleman has no underwear on -so now he’s naked and out of his untanned loins he’s sporting a HUGE erection. Everyone’s clapping and cheering as muscle boy jumps up- girls are whistling at his big,thick 8 inch erection and yelling stuff like “Nice dick !” –gf hears all the cheering -as she comes back with water and napkins to try and clean him up-then blushes even deeper red,rolls her eyes, humiliated,  and looks on the verge of tears seeing him naked and beaten up sporting a boner you could hang laundry on. 

She grabbed him by the arm and hustled him out of the yard thru all the spectators of both sexes taking photos on their cell phones—Suddenly my loss in front of 2 women didn’t seem nearly as bad !


Humiliated and Beat Down

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One of My favorite wrestling subbies forwarded Me this story. Truth be told I love closing My eyes and imagine having him pinned down while he pleads for mercy……which I enjoy rubbing in his face,  as per My fantasy….mercy is My pussy’s name btw LOL.  I named My vagina for . . . → Read More: Humiliated and Beat Down

Sexy Story III

Here is our sexy story continued!


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She had me, and I knew it.  The risks for me were too great, and as I watched her put her shoe back on she watched me, and read my mind, and giggled a bit, and purred:


I have the confession . . . → Read More: Sexy Story III

Sexy Story II

Professor turned Submissive

Here is part two of My sexy story series, enjoy!!!

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Let me show you something, Mr. Franklyn.  As I lift my skirt you will see that I am wearing stockings held up by a garter belt.  How many straps has the garter . . . → Read More: Sexy Story II

Sexy Story Submission 1



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Dear Jenna, 

I’ve just come across your profile on the Cock Control website and was intrigued by your invitation to submit a sexy story concerning one of my sexual experiences, particularly one of an introductory or meaningful character, and of course related . . . → Read More: Sexy Story Submission 1