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A Male Submissive’s Memoir

From Stud to Submissive

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The following is a personal account from one of My man minions we’ll call “Two Pump Chump”.  It’ll be a three blog installation as it is quite juicy, teasing and detailed.  Thanks Two Pump chump for using your hands to type instead of jerking it, Goddess appreciates it ;).

I wasn’t the biggest guy around, I wasn’t the best looking guy around, I wasn’t the most charming guy around.  But I was close.  I was a solid B in each category, which was very, very good.  I didn’t date “A” woman, but did very well with “B” women and “C” women (who were maybe a little chunky) loved me.  As long as I surrounded myself with appropriate women, I was kind of a stud.
That all changed when I met Wendy.
Wendy was a co-worker of mine, and she was a big girl.  Not fat, she was actually as tall as me.  Not super cute, but she had a devilish,  teasing wry smile that I found very appealing.  I decided to let her have some attention from me; she was a classic “C” and I was above her as a solid “B”.
We went out a few times, had some laughs and enjoyed each other’s company.  I would sneak in a grab of her big ass here and there, or maybe rub up against her.  Each time she would giggle.  Oh, she was having the time of her life, that someone like me would be interested in a girl like her.  Then one night it was finally time for sex.  I was looking forward to this and considering the amount of time I put into it, I just wanted to get off.  I already had my eyes on a new co-worker named Tina, A petite, blonde-haired young woman.  So, I’ll knock this out and move on, like I always do.
Hmmm I wonder what will happen to our over confident  self described “B” as in beta male?  Stay tuned strokers!!

Closet Cuckold Slut

It’s the Cuck that wants to Fuck

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So I had this call this week with this guy who was in serious denial.  He had the effeminate voice of half a fag….probably in the closet……you know the type.  So he tells Me he wants Me to be . . . → Read More: Closet Cuckold Slut

Another Reluctant Chastity Slave

Never say No to Goddess

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About a week ago, I requested one of my subs, Andy to stop by my place so that he could give me a nice foot massage and make me some tea while I practice my watercolor skills for my upcoming art . . . → Read More: Another Reluctant Chastity Slave

Humiliated Panty Slut

Double Humiliation Call

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Once again the lovely Mistress Rachel and I sunk our pretty nails into a tasty little panty bitch we affectionately call “mumbles”.  We took great delight in humiliating him and tormenting the fuck out of him.  He had a pretty pair of ruffled panties on and was . . . → Read More: Humiliated Panty Slut

Goddess’s Foot Furniture

My footstool

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Since Summer is here I’ve been having so much fun with My subbies.  His weakness comes in the form of ten toes attached to My high arches.  Todd lives to worship My feet.  He came to stay a bit with Me and I had the delightful pleasure . . . → Read More: Goddess’s Foot Furniture