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Mistress Musings 2017

Hello devoted minions.  This isn’t an overtly sexy post, so you can take your hand off of My cock for the moment*giggle*.  Let’s face it…… 2016 in many ways just sucked and not even in a good way.!!! We lost so many amazing artists this year.  I would list them all to honor their memory; however, if I actually did that it would take most of this blog and totally fuckin’ depress Me.  It is a poignant reminder that life is short or incredibly long if you’re unhappy.  So why is a Mistress writing about this?  Well that’s easy…..I’m a human being  and I think about this shit…I think about it quite a bit actually.

I had a lovely chat with a submissive I spoke with recently who I’ll call Sarah.  First of all if you’re reading this,  sweetie, thank you so much for such a delightful conversation .  Just wow! It was truly a joy to speak with someone who was unafraid to be vulnerable,  sincere, and open with Me.  Her Mistress wife granted permission to Sarah to talk with Me.  We had such a wonderful time I couldn’t stop smiling for hours after we spoke.  As odd as it may seem to draw this parallel, I realized life can be similar to a phone sex call.  Sometimes they’re short, sometimes they’re long (oh hey this can apply to dicks too ..LOL)……..some conversations can be viewed as profane  and others profound.  I see all the beauty  in the varied experiences and perspectives.  What I love most are those moments where I sense that a person can take a deep breath with Me and just relax into themselves or just be. Conversations have the potential to be a sanctuary and sometimes if you’re a lucky bitch a spank-tuary *giggle*.

Our lives are ever changing and transient.  The contrasts of these experiences have the potential to be fodder for an interesting, autonomous, creative narrative.  I think sometimes we forget who is really creating the story and get lost in a repetitive dis empowering libretto.  A  good story, like a good phone sex call……… or hell,  even much like an awesome life.. ideally should be engaging, leave you somewhat exhilarated, breathless and completely glad you came; or in some cases didn’t 😛 *giggle*!! Keep it giggety strokers!!




Fem Dom Phenomenon

Naughty boys beware

I’ve been dominating needy sissies, breaking studs down, and keeping cuckolds in line for quite some time now. I feel I’m adept at analyzing the false machismo of beta bitches and crushing their delusion under my stiletto of truth.

So, I’m offering my services to all  out there with those pesky . . . → Read More: Fem Dom Phenomenon

Humiliated and Beat Down 2

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His poor gf was mortified-she was blushing beet red watching him get humiliated and rolled her eyes every time the girl landed a flurry of punches. The gf seemed to know he couldn’t fight . . . → Read More: Humiliated and Beat Down 2

Humiliated and Beat Down

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One of My favorite wrestling subbies forwarded Me this story. Truth be told I love closing My eyes and imagine having him pinned down while he pleads for mercy……which I enjoy rubbing in his face,  as per My fantasy….mercy is My pussy’s name btw LOL.  I named My vagina for . . . → Read More: Humiliated and Beat Down

Sexy Story III

Here is our sexy story continued!


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She had me, and I knew it.  The risks for me were too great, and as I watched her put her shoe back on she watched me, and read my mind, and giggled a bit, and purred:


I have the confession . . . → Read More: Sexy Story III