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Fem dom Tease and Denial

My  submissive travels a lot for business so we enjoy long distance tease and denial quite a bit.  I’ll often put him in chastity and talk with him while he’s at a hotel and use a remote control vibrator on him just to make things interesting.  For those of you not familiar with Carl Jung’s body of work,  a synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence.  He and I have an undeniable connection.  I think of him, he calls. He thinks of Me, I call.  It is really quite erotic and amazing how that works.  It is almost as if that strange bond we have keeps the teasing going and we can have fun with each other even though we aren’t in physical contact.  So here is where this quantum entanglement gets interesting…… I instructed him to keep the bullet vibe on his balls when he is traveling. I love Florence and the Machine and he was in his car and “Delilah” came on…..and at that moment I decided to log in and play with his vibrator *giggle*.   Weird, huh?  Sometimes magic happens in the most unlikely places and ways.



Coerced Out of the Closet

I talk to ALOT of guys that always say “make me gay”, “turn me into a faggot’, “make me a cocksucker“..  I always say the same thing to them.  I cannot turn you into anything; I can only bring out what was already there. I had a lovely conversation with a caller we’ll call . . . → Read More: Coerced Out of the Closet

Tease and Denial

Desire is a strange, sensual, and unpredictable energy.  It can occur like a slow smolder or hit you like a lightening bolt.  Many languages have different nuanced adjectives to describe desire and one of the phrases I thought was interesting is in French; la douleur exquise.  This roughly translates to the exquisite pain of . . . → Read More: Tease and Denial

Cock Docking

Small Penis Humiliation

Ok…….so occasionally I hear some humiliating shit that I’ve never heard before.  It is rare, but it does happen on occasion.  One of My phone bitches is a muscle bound dude with a tiny three inch penis.  He tries to compensate for his little muscle by building up his body.  God . . . → Read More: Cock Docking

The GFE Experience

I recently got asked if I do calls that are softer sort of similar to the girlfriend experience.  The answer is an absolute emphatic “Yes!“.  What is great about GFE phone sex is that you get to share the best of yourself without the strings AND without the relationship burnout.  Maybe you had a . . . → Read More: The GFE Experience