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Kinky Questions of Self Inquiry

If you’re anything like Me, you’re constantly questioning why things are the way they are; governments, cultures, galaxies and especially people.  Awhile back I had someone ask Me why they were into what they’re into.  Having only the current conversation to go on naturally this Mistress didn’t know fuck all about how or why they were into that particular kink.  What I find interesting about that question whenever someone asks it is there is sometimes an emotional undercurrent to the asking…which I interpret as “What the hell is wrong with me?”  Sexuality is probably one of the most interesting topics of study because it is as diverse as the people who engage in it.  As a lifestyle Mistress and phone Domme I’ve learned quite a bit, but I’m not arrogant enough to think I’ve got it all figured out.  In fact I’m pretty certain I’ve only scratched the surface.   The three questions of kink are is it safe, is it sane, and lastly is it consensual??  Then I would ask does engaging in this cosa strokestra keep Me from functioning normally??? For instance the 40 year old  dude that spends all day in Mom’s basement jerking it and getting carpal tunnel instead of  getting a job*giggle*.


One of the Sexiest Words

Words can have a lot of power over people especially if the individual attaches a lot of meaning to them.  I think that is why verbal humiliation can be raised to poetry given the right circumstances.  Take the words like “slut” or “whore” these are typically pejorative terms used to demean, degrade, and humiliate. . . . → Read More: One of the Sexiest Words

Mistress Masturbation Tip

You can cook with it, you can use it as a conditioner……….and you can even jerk the gherkin with it.  So what  is this jack off of all trades for masturbation.? Why it is coconut oil, of course!!  This stuff is seriously good lube and not tacky like the silicone based lubes. Just make . . . → Read More: Mistress Masturbation Tip

Great Makeup for Sissy Beginners

I know it has been too long since I’ve written, have you missed Me? So this post is for all My sissy gurls out there that want to be beautiful, but maybe are at a loss for where to start, as far as makeup is concerned.

First of all, let Me say I adore . . . → Read More: Great Makeup for Sissy Beginners

Giantess Story 2

I know you’ve been waiting for the 2nd half of My subbie submitted giantess story!

She reached down to Her foot and, with a single finger, began to stroke my back as I embraced Her toe. It felt divine. My body writhed and flowed with Her gentle, but mentally overpowering, touch, and I struggled . . . → Read More: Giantess Story 2