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A Male Submissive Memoir 2

From Psuedo Stud to Submissive

Here is the 2nd installment ….enjoy!

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Wendy and I were making out in the living room when I steered things to the bedroom.  She averted her eyes and told me to go in there  , get naked and wait for her just a minute.  I smiled, thinking she might be conscientious about her size and being naked for the first time in front of me.  So, I go strip naked and lay down.  After a minute she finally comes in, and there is that teasing devilish smile again that I loved so much.  I spread my legs a little to give her room so she can suck my cock a bit, “C’mere baby.” I whisper to her, trying to put her at ease.  She starts to move towards me and my cock immediately starts to get hard.  She leans in to kiss me on the mouth, or at least I thought.  Instead she swings one of her legs over and sits right on my face.
Whoa!  Not what I was expecting!
It’s ok, I figured.  Maybe this is something she saw in a porno or whatever, or something she wanted to try, whatever.  I wasn’t planning on going down on her but I figure this is the last time I’ll hook up with her, why not send her out with a bang?  I am going to lick the hell out of this pussy, she will rave about it to our co-workers, Tina will hear about it and definitely want to hook up.
First of all Wendy smelled really good, maybe a hint of perfume on her delicious pussy and I went to town on it.  I could tell she was getting turned on as she grabbed the headboard and started to grind on my face.  A little at first and then more and more forceful as it went on.  So much so that I could hear my now rock-hard cock slapping up against by belly in perfect rhythm to her grinding.  Her excited pants of, “Lick it, yes, lick it!” really got me going.  This was the most enthused I had ever been in eating pussy.  The banging of the headboard became more and more violent and I knew she was getting close.  Maybe she just wanted to do oral stuff, which was cool as I couldn’t wait for her to wrap her fleshy lips around my cock.  She came to an earth shattering orgasm, yelling “Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!” over and over again.  Exhausted, she slid of my wet face and laid down beside me.  Sweet!  It is finally going to be my turn.  But as her breathing slowed she just continued to lay there next to me.  My cock was so fucking hard right now and desperate for release, that finally I said, “Hey, how about my turn now?”
“Oh yea?” she asked with the devilish smile, “Your turn to get off?”
“Fuck yes, baby, you’re teasing the fuck out of me!” I replied.
She rubbed her pussy with her hands, getting them nice and wet with her own juices, before wrapping them around my cock.  I let out a little moan, letting her know how good this feels……….
Stay tuned for the continued tease of Two Pump Chump!!!

A Male Submissive’s Memoir

From Stud to Submissive

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The following is a personal account from one of My man minions we’ll call “Two Pump Chump”.  It’ll be a three blog installation as it is quite juicy, teasing and detailed.  Thanks Two Pump chump for using your hands to type instead . . . → Read More: A Male Submissive’s Memoir

Closet Cuckold Slut

It’s the Cuck that wants to Fuck

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So I had this call this week with this guy who was in serious denial.  He had the effeminate voice of half a fag….probably in the closet……you know the type.  So he tells Me he wants Me to be . . . → Read More: Closet Cuckold Slut

Another Reluctant Chastity Slave

Never say No to Goddess

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About a week ago, I requested one of my subs, Andy to stop by my place so that he could give me a nice foot massage and make me some tea while I practice my watercolor skills for my upcoming art . . . → Read More: Another Reluctant Chastity Slave

Humiliated Panty Slut

Double Humiliation Call

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Once again the lovely Mistress Rachel and I sunk our pretty nails into a tasty little panty bitch we affectionately call “mumbles”.  We took great delight in humiliating him and tormenting the fuck out of him.  He had a pretty pair of ruffled panties on and was . . . → Read More: Humiliated Panty Slut