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The Perfect Pet

The Perfect Male Submissive

I have many playmates and they each have their special place in Mistress‘s heart, but what makes an exceptional pet? Well that can be summed up in one word; willingness. Willingness in what respect you ask?  Well….the willingness to take direction, lay down his preconception of what needs to happen, and a softening of his ego in order to please Me.  I’ve found these things to be critical components to a happy female lead relationship.  Often times I see many pseudo female lead relationships where pretty much the woman is dancing to the tune the bottom doles out; which is complete and utter bullshit.  The isn’t Burger King dum dums; you don’t get it your way.  When you pay to get into to an amusement park you still have to abide by their rules, don’t you? Otherwise you get kicked out for unruly behavior.  See where I’m going with this??? Good.  If you have a willingness to be lead and co-create with Me we’ll get along swimmingly.  Can you take the challenge and be an exceptional pet?

Why I Love Submissive Men

Submissive Men are the Best

It seems counter intuitive, I know………or at least not the type of predilection society supports with its knuckle dragging ways.  I truly do love submissive men because they light up when they make Me happy.  They are the true knights that exist to please his Mistress how ever She . . . → Read More: Why I Love Submissive Men

The Hesitant Foot Slave

Foot Worship

I love having My feet rubbed, kissed, sucked and worshiped like the regal pair of peds that they are.  So naturally I seek out situations where I can test My sub’s meddle and see what he’s willing to do to make Me happy.  This last week subbie was chauffeuring Me around and . . . → Read More: The Hesitant Foot Slave

The Jack of All Submissives

So what is a Jack-of-all-subs exactly?  In My opinion he’s the ultimate  real man.   Yes you heard that right.; a real man.  He’s the guy that can fix your car while wearing a pair of panties I picked out for him… preferably My undies because it turns Me on to know he is . . . → Read More: The Jack of All Submissives

The Strength in Male Submission

I find it interesting that many people equate submission with weakness and a failing of the male gender somehow; this is really just buying into gender stereotypes and culture.  And what are the first four letters of culture?  You got it bitches, cult.  So don’t be another automaton mindlessly believing the bullshit that is . . . → Read More: The Strength in Male Submission