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The Strength in Male Submission

I find it interesting that many people equate submission with weakness and a failing of the male gender somehow; this is really just buying into gender stereotypes and culture.  And what are the first four letters of culture?  You got it bitches, cult.  So don’t be another automaton mindlessly believing the bullshit that is being shoveled your way by culture; it is pretty much shitty programming that can keep you  apathetic, unquestioning,  compliant, and always feeling as if you need to buy some shit you don’t need to “make your life better”.  I know you thought that sham wow was going to be revolutionary, but you might as well of wiped your ass with it and flushed it down the toilet because that is about how much you used it, isn’t it?

So what is My point in waxing philosophic about all of this?  Simply this; part of truly being owned as a submissive male is owning who you are as a human being and your specific needs.  Honesty and vulnerability require strength.  I love submissive men who have that type of strength. I prefer this type of male that would rather serve in his love for Me than the type that needs to be constantly controlled by fear and is always testing every second—-pretty much a masochistic energetic parasite topping from the bottom. I would’ve used the term cunt, but I realized that would be an insult to My vagina….and Mercy deserves more than that!!  So to those submissive men with Troubadour hearts and souls in service to Goddess know that you’re appreciated for the rare gifts you have to offer!  I’m looking forward to having you at My feet.


Stroker Chronicles

Masturbation Confessions

Consider this your cock control confessional.  How much time do you spend jerking it? Don’t lie…..its a lot, isn’t it?  Most of you probably spend much of your life energy bleary eyed, zombie like with dick in hand clicking between pages and watching videos, don’t you ?  Trust Me, I fucking know . . . → Read More: Stroker Chronicles

Mistress Musings 2017

Hello devoted minions.  This isn’t an overtly sexy post, so you can take your hand off of My cock for the moment*giggle*.  Let’s face it…… 2016 in many ways just sucked and not even in a good way.!!! We lost so many amazing artists this year.  I would list them all to honor their . . . → Read More: Mistress Musings 2017

Fem Dom Phenomenon

Naughty boys beware

I’ve been dominating needy sissies, breaking studs down, and keeping cuckolds in line for quite some time now. I feel I’m adept at analyzing the false machismo of beta bitches and crushing their delusion under my stiletto of truth.

So, I’m offering my services to all  out there with those pesky . . . → Read More: Fem Dom Phenomenon

Humiliated and Beat Down 2

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Just in case you missed the first installment click HERE!


His poor gf was mortified-she was blushing beet red watching him get humiliated and rolled her eyes every time the girl landed a flurry of punches. The gf seemed to know he couldn’t fight . . . → Read More: Humiliated and Beat Down 2